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「Food Safety - The Official Journal of Food Safety Commission」


 食品安全委員会では、食品のリスク評価に関する論文、食品安全委員会が取りまとめた評価書の内容等の海外への情報発信を行うため、食品安全委員会の英文電子ジャーナル「Food Safety – The Official Journal of Food Safety Commission」を科学技術情報発信・流通総合システムJ-STAGE外部サイトが開きます 上に開設いたしました。

  • 掲載場所:科学技術情報発信・流通総合システムJ-STAGE

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Reviews (Invited)
Carcinogenicity Assessment for Risk Factors in Food:Current Issues and a Proposal
Akiyoshi Nishikawa

Thirty-five Years of Research on Deoxynivalenol, a Trichothecene Mycotoxin: with Special Reference to Its
Discovery and Co-occurrence with Nivalenol in Japan
Takumi Yoshizawa

Identification and Evaluation of Potentially Genotoxic Agricultural and Food-related Chemicals
Makoto Hayashi, Masamitsu Honma, Motoko Takahashi, Atsuko Horibe,
Jin Tanaka, Mai Tsuchiya, Takeshi Morita

Intestinal Transmission of Prions and Role of Exosomes in Enterocytes
Yasuhisa Ano, Akikazu Sakudo, Ryuta Uraki, Juri Kono, Masayoshi Yukawa
Takashi Onodera

Fumonisin Toxicity and Mechanism of Action:Overview and Current Perspectives
Kenneth A. Voss, Ronald T. Riley

Risk Assessment Report
Executive Summary
   Food Safety Commission of Japan
December 2012 - FS/1052/2012

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