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“Improving Risk Communication Related to Food Safety” (November 2006)

“Improving Risk Communication Related to Food Safety” (November 2006)
 In collaboration with the risk management bodies, FSC conducts public meetings and briefing sessions in many regions in Japan to exchange opinions on the details of the risk assessments and other matters related to food safety. In this way, the Commission exchanges information and ideas with many stakeholders, including consumers.
 There are many different views on the purpose of risk communication and how it should be implemented, and there are still many issues to be resolved. An example is the consideration of the system and methods for quickly, accurately and simply expressing and transmitting information on the views on risk assessment and risk management. The improvement strategy examined by the Risk Communication Expert Committee was released to the public (November 2006) under the title, “Improving Risk Communication Related to Food Safety.” Based on this report, the Commission is committed to promoting even more effective risk communication.







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