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The FSCJ implements science-based risk assessment of food in an objective, neutral, and impartial manner to protect the health of the people. In addition, the FSCJ implements risk communication about the results of its risk assessments and scientific findings on food safety. To implement risk assessment separately from risk management*, the FSCJ was established as a part of Japan’s Cabinet Office in July 2003, independently from risk management organizations*.

*Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF), Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW), Ministry of Environment (MOE), Consumer Affairs Agency (CAA)

Risk Assessment

FSCJ assesses risks to human health posed by microorganisms, chemicals, and others contained in food, on the basis of the scientific evidence. Its assessment is mainly conducted in response to requests from risk managers. FSCJ also carries out risk assessment on its own initiative when it finds it necessary to do so. It is called “self-tasking” risk assessment.

Standard Processing Period for Risk Assessment of the Effect of Food on Health Regarding Applications Submitted from Industries [October 4, 2022] [PDF]open in a new window
Guidance on the Use of the BMD Approach in Risk Assessment by FSCJ [For toxicological data from experimental animal studies] [June 2022] [PDF] open in a new window


Standards for Risk Assessment

<Food Additives>

<Genetically modified foods>

<Antimicrobial-resistant bacteria>


<Veterinary medicinal products>

<Feeds, fertilizers, etc.>

<Novel foods>

<Apparatus and containers / packages>


Research Program for Risk Assessment Study and Survey Program on Food Safety

FSCJ has implemented research and survey program to generate scientific evidence for improving risk assessment.

FSCJ has developed a road map, "Strategic direction for promoting research and survey to ensure food safety".

The roadmap defines overall research and survey directions for the next five years to seek effective and strategic approaches to ongoing research and investigation. Every fiscal year, the research and survey program is selected on a priority basis.

<Research Program for Risk Assessment on Food Safety>

Seven to eight programs are selected annually. Research period is approximately two years.

The research program is implemented to collect scientific evidence necessary for conducting risk assessment and developing assessment guidelines.

Research Program Reports

<Survey Program on Food Safety>

Four to six programs are selected annually.

The survey program is implemented to collect, organize and analyze the data and information necessary for the risk assessment.

Risk Communication

FSCJ implements various activities to communicate its risk assessment results as well as basic knowledge on food safety to the public. Details


International Collaboration

Annual Work Program and Updated Activities